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Help as a Student

BFIRST Medical Student Committee Objectives:

  1. Community: To build a vibrant network of medical students interested in global plastic and reconstructive surgery, starting from across the UK.
  2. Education and awareness: To promote a safe, responsible and professional culture in delivering global reconstructive surgery, utilising trainees at all stages of training and different forms of media.
  3. Sustainability: To highlight the future of global reconstructive surgery as the development of sustainable practices, such as local training and capacity building; including, BFIRST’s work in fundraising, resource allocation and research.


BFIRST Medical Student Committee

The committee is for medical students who are passionate about championing the objectives and values of BFIRST MSC and the wider BFIRST community. The individual posts are selected per annum, with roles advertised at the end of the year. Joining as a committee member is a great opportunity to get more involved in the activities and events held by the organisation.


  • Deevyesh Sunder Bala Sundaram 

Vice Chair

  • Maria Magdalena Segura Arderiu


  • Sydney Lee Anthony Barnes 

Events Lead

  • Kah Yann Cheah

Social Media Lead

  • Lucy Taylor 

Student Representative Coordinator

  • Luke Mattey
  • Ellisa Baggott 


Getting Involved

Students at any stage of their medical degree and at any university in the UK are welcome and encouraged to get involved in BFIRST MSC. The best way to get in touch would be through our email Signing up for our student mailing list would also help notify you of any events that are in the works!

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Regional Student Representatives

We have a strong network of Regional Leads who champion the objectives of BFIRST MSC. To find out more information about local events and how to get involved as a medical student, please contact our social media or your local university representative.


Where to find us

Our social media:

Instagram: @bfirstmsc

Twitter: @BFIRSTmsc



Resources for Students