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BFIRST Fellowship applications have reopened for 2024

BFIRST awards up to 6 fellowships each year to enable overseas plastic surgeons from resource-poor countries to spend time and gain experience in a recognised plastic surgery unit in the UK.

Testimonials from previous BFIRST fellows will help provide an idea about what happens during a BFIRST fellowship.


What is the aim of a BFIRST Fellowship?

To allow selected overseas plastic and reconstructive surgeons from resource poor countries to have short periods of study in a recognised plastic surgery unit. This is with a wider view of developing and supporting high quality reconstructive services, which are sustainable and autonomous, within the limits of the fellow’s country concerned.


Where can you spend a BFIRST Fellowship?

A BFIRST fellowship consists of a 6-week observership that can be spent in one of over 50 plastic surgery units in the UK. For more information on UK units please follow the BAPRAS page. Additional information regarding subspecialty activity of each UK plastic surgery unit can be found on the individual hospital websites. A fellowship report and feedback will be sought at the end of the fellowship.


How is the BFIRST Fellowship funded?

A BFIRST fellowship awards £4,000 which should be sufficient to cover travel, accommodation and living expenses.

It is expected that successful applicants come to the UK alone, as regrettably BFIRST is unable to facilitate additional family members during the fellowship.


Who is eligible to apply for a BFIRST Fellowship?

To apply for a BFIRST Fellowship you must satisfy the following two criteria:

  1. Fully Trained Plastic Surgeons: Senior Registrar or Consultant level
  2. Currently working within an established Plastic Surgery Unit in a resource poor (BFIRST priority*) country

* Please follow this link to see the list of BFIRST priority countries for sources of fellowship application.


How do you apply for a BFIRST Fellowship?

We request that you prepare the submission of the following documents for application:

  1. Completion of Application Form

  2. A current Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  3. Two(2) Letters of Reference supporting your application

Applications should be emailed to

The deadline for fellowship applications for 2024 30 September 2023.  


Please ensure you submit all your documents for application as early as possible. Any submission after the deadline will not be considered. You should get a confirmation email after you have submitted your application.